FIRST PLACE, OREGON, Alan Tauber and Heidi Ford

SECOND PLACE, AIR FORCE Amanda Myers and Chad Richards

Third Place, Wyoming, James Worthen and Mike Owens

Fourth Place, Regis, John Rief and Brian Schrader

Fifth Place, Whitman Brant Olsen and Todd Borden

Sixth Place, Colorado Amber Lashment and Gary VanDenBerg

Elim 1
Regis (gov) defeated Whitman 2-1
Air Force (gov) defeated Colorado 3-0
Wyoming (gov) defeated Oregon 2-1

Elim 2
Air Force (gov) defeated Regis 3-0
Oregon (opp) defeated Colorado Amber Lashmet and Gary VanDenBerg 3-0 (Colorado is eliminated placing 6th)
Wyoming (opp) defeated Whitman Borden and Olsen 2-1 (Whitman is eliminated placing 5th)

Elim 3
Oregon (gov) defeated Regis John Rief and Brian Schrader 3-0 (Regis is eliminated placing 4th)
Air Force (gov) defeated Wyoming 3-0

Elim 4
Oregon (opp) defeated Wyoming James Worthen and Mike Owens 2-1 (Wyoming is eliminated placing 3rd)

Elim 5
Oregon (opp) defeated Air Force 12-7

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