2002 NPTE NATIONAL CHAMPION: LONG BEACH STATE UNIVERSITY (31-24 decision) Kristine Clancey and Audrey Mink

2nd: NORTHERN ARIZONA Brandon Whearty and Danny Shea

3rd, regis, rief and shrader

4th, wyoming, owens and racette

5th, creighton giersdorf and lang

6th, western washington, kalman and williams

7th, air force, monaco and richards

8th, southern california, link and masselli

9th, berkeley, deroosi and edwards

10th, whitman, gorman and thomas

11th, berkeley, paul and trachman

12th, pacific lutheran, mach and sprain

13th, ucla, paun and saenz

14th, berkeley, klimmek and snow

15th, lewis and clark, bingham and west

16th, oregon, stone and martichuski


1st, wyoming, owens

2nd, southern california, masselli

3rd, berkeley, deroosi

4th, wyoming, wilkerson

5th, western washington, williams

6th, southern california, link

7th, creighton, lang

8th, long beach, mink

9th, northern arizona, whearty

10th, berkeley, trachman

11th, western washington, kalman

12th, creighton, giersdorf

13th, long beach, clancy

14th, wyoming, racette

15th, whitman, thomas

16th, oregon, martichuski


elim 1

wyoming or 3-0 over air force mr

wwu kw 2-1 over plus ms

regis rs 2-1 over berkeley pt

whitman gt 3-0 over berkeley ks

usc lm 2-1 over ucla ps

northern arizona sw 2-1 over creighton gl

long beach cm 3-0 over berkeley de

elim 2

long beach cm 3-0 over whitman gt

regis rs 2-1 over wyoming or

northern arizona sw 2-1 over usc lm

creighton gl 2-1 over wwu kw

berkeley pt 2-1 over plus ms

berkeley de 3-0 over ucla ps

air force mr 3-0 over berkeley ks

elim 3

long beach, bye

regis rs 3-0 over northern arizona sw

wyoming or 3-0 over berkeley de

creighton gl 3-0 over whitman gt

wwu kw 2-1 over usc lm

air force mr 3-0 over berkeley pt

elim 4

regis rs, bye

wyoming or 3-0 over long beach cm

creighton gl 3-0 over air force mr

northern arizona sw 2-1 over wwu kw

elim 5

northern arizona sw 5-0 over creighton gl

(the other three teams byed to sems, so that there would be four teams
instead of three, forcing someone to bye to finals).


northern arizona 3-2 over regis rs

long beach cm 3-2 over wyoming or

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